Testimonials from stockists


Deb - Perth 

Great news about the garden products, the garden spray is excellent.

 I tried the Ear Solution out recently, it was an amazing result with just two squirts and a rub, my Sete dog was scratching & running with her head on the side, no trouble since, also the Poultry Dust worked really well with Raah , drying up the weeping sores in a couple of days

 Kind regards


Brontosaurus Pet Super Centre Gold Coast/Coffs Harbour

Neempet products are a great natural way to treat fleas, ticks, mites & lice on your pet while having great healing properties for dry, irritated & sensitive skin. We recommend the product for customers who complain of itchy dry skin  and any dog that has ongoing skin sensitivities. Staffies, Boxers, Mastiffs, Danes are all dogs who benefit greatly from the use of any Neem Shampoo or Skin Solution to alleviate their symptoms.


Best 4 Pets Dapto NSW

My sales staff in two stores have been actively promoting the Neempet product range for over 6 years. We have had consistent feedback of outstanding results. In fact those that have tried the product have all had one thing in common. Wishing they had known about it sooner. Best 4 Pets have been helping people with basic husbandry requirements for nearly 20 years and since being able to incoporate the Neempet range into our natural advice guidelines we have had outstanding results, turning pets and their owners lives around being able to wean off long standing expensive treatments. The best part is when we are told of this result directly in store and experience genuine appreciation.

Best 4 Pets will continue to recommend the NeemPet product range and expect the same fantastic feedback received over the years.



9th July 2014

 Jo S

"Just a very quick email to say thank you on behalf of myself and my dog Kiah. Today I purchased your Neem Pet soap - which if I am completely honest I bought because of the much cheaper price than the other brands. I liked the look of your products and hoped that in purchasing would give my girl some relief from scratching and dry skin with some allergies thrown in!

So off we went to the backyard and gave the soap a whirl. I cannot get over how glossy and shiny my girl's coat is!!!! It is so soft it's unbelievable!!!! But the best thing is the relief I can see in Kiah's eyes. She has almost stopped scratching and she has been bounding around full of life and joy!!!

I can't wait to be able to purchase the other skin solution products!!!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for creating such an awesome product!!! It's only taken one try but I can't wait to buy!!!!"
Kind regards,

18th October 2013

Jackie M

Hello Beverly! I would just like to give you an update on how Zoey is going.

As suggested, I have been washing her weekly with the neempet soap and I am very pleased with the results just from this product. I give her a good lather in the soap for approx 3- 5 minutes and have found that any fleas on her, come to the surface. She only had 1 on her the first week I washed her but I was truly amazed at how much the soap repels any fleas. I have been keeping her coat short also so that I can see any of the fleas if they happen to get on her. Since using the products I have not seen any more fleas on her and she has now lost all of her sensitive skin areas also her itchy spots have all cleared. I only use the spray on occasion, more so due to me being a bit slow to get to her of a morning when she needs to go outside. Her ears have been quite good lately and so I haven't needed to use the spray for that. It will certainly be the first product I will use should her ears become an issue again.
She is a much happier little dog these days thanks to you & your products and she is much more comfortable when my husband gives Zoey her much enjoyed massage, which she loves, every morning.

Many, many thanks again Beverly.......Jackie


Prue B, Queensland

Good Afternoon,

I'm just writing to you to let you know how unbelievably happy I am with your products!
My Mum went up to the Eumundi Markets yesterday and purchased some of your pet and equine spray for my Great Dane pup as she has been constantly itchy, losing hair and has very sensitive skin. I sprayed it on her for the first time yesterday afternoon and already today I am yet to see her itch and when we pet her she is no where near as sensitive as she was just 24 hours ago!
We will definitely be continuing to use and purchase your products for all our animals.
Thank you so much for the kind help you gave my mother yesterday and what you have done for my pup!
Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
Prue Burgess


Ruby T, Caboolture
I would LOVE to thank Neempet and your fantastic products for saving the life of our beloved Neapolitan Mastiff "COLONEL". Your Neempet soap and skin solution spray repaired his feet which were highly inflamed and ulcerated. I used your products twice and they so advanced the healing process that I'm AMAZED. We have tried everything since he came into my care in July 2011 and been to many vets that said the problems can't be fixed. I recommend your products and I will be adding your pamphlet to my breeders' pack with my puppies when they leave my care. I will continue to use these products throughout my kennels. I'll be promoting this product to anyone who will listen as it's about the welfare of the animals and finding a product that works.


Kylie, Queensland
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much. I have gone from having a very sick dog with constant high temperatures, red raw skin on most of his body with several open wounds, crusty patches of skin on all his legs, dinosaur looking and feeling patches of skin in several places, continual ear infections and from all of this - a very smelly dog, to having a very happy puppy with smooth skin which is a healthy light pink, no discharge from his ears and he has smelt nice for 2 whole days!! I bought your products on Friday, and it is now only Sunday - we saw the difference within 24 hours, and today is even better, so I can't wait to see what he looks like in a week.

Thank you. This is a dog who after so long with unsuccessful vet treatment of drugs and chemical washes was called 'just a dud' by our vet (who is lovely and means well, but just didn't know what else she could do.)

He is also on homeopathic remedies, and that is working on cleaning out his blood and detoxing, so I know that it all helps, and I am convinced that your products have very much fast tracked his recovery.

He still just has one problem area which is his eyes. He is only 2 but looks like an old man as the skin around his eyes is puffy and tough, and he has lost a lot of hair around them. I have been trying to wipe a little of the skin spray on the skin, but not going to close, so any suggestions with that would be welcome. I will be going to buy a few more bottles of the spray tomorrow.

But overall, thanks you again. I look forward to being able to bond much more with him now as he doesn't stink!

Lilllian, Qld
Hi! Sasha, Skye & Thor the dobermans & pomeranian thank you very much for their Neem Products. They have been suffering badly with a flea infestation. Unfortunately I had tried all the dreadful chemical treaments with no success before I found your products. In 24 hours they are happy and not whining from flea bites.
GREAT PRODUCTS 20 out of 10.
Much appreciated

Animal Rescue Centre, Victoria
Thankyou so very very much for your wonderful Neem products! I received them on Thursday. I used the Rescuepetics straight away on a very frightenedl girl who had been abandoned and left for dead by her owners and a very very old boy who was tied to a tree and left for dead by his owners. I followed your advice and directions with great success. On Friday and over the weekend, I had several cases needing help with bad skin irritations and sores caused by neglect, flies or fights. I gave the dog foster carers some soap and spray to use. The reports back were absolutely fantastic !! We also washed many dogs and used the spray after; the dogs glowed and their coats were clean and soft!! I have a number of people who give their time and hard work to help me; we washed their dogs and sprayed them as well. the outcome was simply wonderful. Thankyou from the bottom of all my rescues and my heart. Your kind donation has come at the most crucial of times with a record numbers of animals been dumped , abused, neglected and thrown away like trash. It's people like you that truly help me to keep going in my fight against cruelty to animals and children. Your kind words and generous donation of your amazing products brought a spark of light to myself and all who help me.

Best Friends Rescue, Gold Coast
I just wanted to give you an update on Buffy. Buffy's carer took your advice and used the Neem products for a week. And as you suspected, the results were so good she has stopped using the malseb or anything else directly on her skin. Buffy is improving in leaps and bounds and we are so happy about it. Thank you for you help and advice and we will send an updated photo very soon.

Bonnie. Ipswich, Qld
Hi! Yesterday I found your range of products at Pets & Produce Ipswich and I have been using your Neem Pet & Equine spray on our doggie to try to get rid of the flea and tick plague we are having with the dry weather here....it's great! Keep up the good work!

Belinda, Victoria
Last year we had a lice issue with our two primary school children. We tried the plain label conditioner method as we did not want to use any harsh chemicals on our young children's heads. Whilst this killed the nits it did not stop the breeding, so the issue kept returning. We then heard about Neemnit shampoo bar, conditioner and everyday spray. it appealed to us as it was all natural and claimed to stop the nits breeding as well. It worked! The lice/nits combed out easily and no new lice appeared over the following weeks. happy days! My daughter has incredibly thick long hair but the shampoo bar easily worked into her hair and the conditioner leaves their hair lovely and soft. Each morning I give a light spray of the Everyday Spray before combing through. We now use the products as part of our weekly and daily routine and have kept headlice at bay for the last 7 months. The most recent school check was a few days ago and we again received an 'all clear from head lice'. I would highly recommend these products to all who face the 'battle of the nits'.