No Chemicals Required (paperback) (2ND EDITION)

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Paperback. 2nd edition. The book that will save you thousands of dollars.

No more cortisone, skin scrapings, ongoing medications and suffering dogs.

As a Homoeopath and Animal Homoepath, for years I have been helping dogs with allergies and it all boils down to simply a good diet and using natural substances instead of toxic medications to keep your dog's immune system as healthy as possible.


A healthy dog will repel fleas of its own accord. How good is that!

I also wrote this book to give you the answers to the most frustrating questions of what to do about your dog constantly scratching and itching - and all the products you need are right here on our website.

No need to delay any longer - help is at hand. Yes I wrote it after years of answering the same questions and knowing how frustrating and often incredibly sad it was to see another dog suffering from some horrible skin condition. There are simple answers - and this book spells them out simply and clearly.

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