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Unearth the wealth of experience of a Homoeopath and Animal Homoeopath in this wonderful guide No Chemicals Required, which will change your dog's life forever.

Dog care with a difference - No Chemicals Required provides all natural and simple to use solutions and is jam-packed with how to finally deal with your dogs allergies, skin irritations, hot spots and infestations. 


This book/e-book is the answer to your prayers when the vet has given up and you have been told that 'its just an allergy but we don't know to what?'. What are you supposed to do next?


Skin scrapings have cost you a small fortune and cortisone looms as the only ongoing solution.  This doesn't have to be! Instead, learn about the powerful benefits of the much renowned Neem tree Azarachiracta indica, (known in India as the Village Pharmacy) and gentle Bach Flower Essences along with sound dietary advice for puppies, dogs and kittens -  and much more!


 NO CHEMICALS REQUIRED is available in both a paperback version and instant download e-book.

A great reference book to refer to when needed.


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