Neempet Skin Solution 500ml

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A 100% natural and convenient spray bottle to help maintain and promote your pet's healthy skin and coat. This is best used in conjunction with a weekly wash using either our Neempet pet soap or Neempet Herbal Grooming Shampoo. 

A gentle, lavender-scented spray that is suitable to use on broken skin.

** We do not recommend using this on cats due to the essential oil content as cats can be extremely sensitive to them. To explore the many beneficial uses and power of neem take a look at



Neem seed oil, Filtered water, Bulgarian Lavender and Niaouli essential oils

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  • 5
    Neempet skin solution

    Posted by Anne Roberts on 16th Nov 2017

    My dog is troubled by itchy skin. I try to stay away from too much prescribed medication. Of ALL the topical treatments I have tried I feel Neempet is best. Being a spray on solution it makes it easy to get good coverage.

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    Great improvement

    Posted by Deb Reno on 19th Jul 2017

    1st spray & our 8.5 yr old GSD got relief.

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    Nymph Skin Solution

    Posted by Lillian on 4th Apr 2017

    Brilliant product this purchase was a replacement for a previous bottle I have been using on 5 pooches..lasts a long time and could not fault the results...excellent service as always from Bev & Lee

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    Posted by SANDY KELLY on 22nd Nov 2016

    My German Shepherd struggles with itchy skin that develops into yeasty smelling skin which I treated with antibiotics. I was looking for a long term solution and came across Neempet and decided to use their dog shampoo and spray. I have used this everyday on the underside of our dog and washed him a couple of times with the shampoo and am pleased to say that his skin and coat are looking and smelling lovely. This will definitely be my go to skin conditioners for my dog.

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    Unbelievable - A natural inexpensive product that works!

    Posted by Belinda on 16th Feb 2016

    My Jack Russell Ollie has had horrible skin allergies for years; flaring up come the warmer spring weather. It would get so bad that he would chew the hair off both sides of his back and legs so that it was just skin. You couldn't pet his back without feeling little bumps and him flinching due to itchiness/tenderness. He was also red in his underarms and legs. At the worst times he just looked uncomfortable and couldn't sit still for long. I tried so many natural and not so natural soaps, shampoos and lotions. I altered his diet and even saw a natural therapy vet to no avail. After natural therapies didn't work, there was countless trips to my regular vet for cortisone injections, short term prednisone tablets and finally relenting to a prescription of Atopica, an incredibly expensive drug which mostly worked. The Atopica costs $80 for 15 tablets, Ollie required 1 tablet every 3 days for the rest of his life and in the really warm weather of Christmas/New Year his symptoms would still show to a lesser extent. Not to mention I hated the fact that he would be on this tablet for his life with unknown long term use side effects - but nothing had worked 'that well' before. I saw the product at the Eumundi markets and heard other customers nearby raving about the it. I will admit I was hesitant as I have tried nearly everything under the sun. I didn't buy it straight away. When I got home I visited the website and Facebook page to do some research. I saw the reviews and before/after photos and I was sold. Back to the Eumundi markets I went the following week and bought the soap and spray. I should have bought them the first time round!! I have been spraying my boy morning and night for over 6 weeks what a difference! I am so happy to say that his hair has grown back on his back and legs, he hasn't had an Atopica tablet in over 6 weeks, he has no bumps along his back, he no longer flinches when I pet his back and there is no redness. I am truly amazed at this product and how quickly it has worked. Honestly, you have changed our lives. A great natural cheap product that actually works - unbelievable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Works quickly and reliably and I always have it on hand

    Posted by Bradley on 24th Oct 2015

    I've been using this product for years. I came across it in a store where my dog was groomed and have been hooked ever since. It does an excellent job of keeping itching away. It feels good to offer genuine relief to my little fella. It smells good too! I'm thankful every day this is in my toolkit of anti-itch/scratch for my poor afflicted pooch.

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    itch relieve

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Apr 2015

    neempet has stopped itch like hot spots in 2 days they start growing new hair wonderful thank you

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    Skin Solution is brilliant

    Posted by Pat on 22nd Feb 2015

    My ridgeback seems to be allergic to pollens & grasses. Constant itching nearly drove me and her mad! Cortisone helped but not good for her long term. Using the soap & skin solution, the results were incredible, almost instant. Now I want to buy the Company! Well done!!!! My dog thanks you.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2014

    the Neem Skin Solution is a god send for my itchy staffy....a daily spray stops the itching!