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Neempet, Petcare naturally

Our Neempet natural petcare products are fast becoming a staple in every household.  Fabulous neem-based, natural pet shampoos, skin sprays, soaps and powders take care of all your pets' needs (furred AND feathered ), naturally.

Sensitive, itchy, inflamed skin is our specialty.  Discover the power of Neem (known in India as the Medicine Tree) and why it is used worldwide in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medicinal and veterinarian medicines. Neem is safe on the most sensitive skin and kind to kids and pets.  No need to wear gloves when using our products - in fact many dog groomers have remarked how their dermatitis has finally cleared once they started using our shampoos. 

No chemicals, no nasties - just glorious natural neem. 

Try it for yourself.  Purchase online or email for your local stockist.