NeemGreen for your Garden

The most perfect natural plant and product fertiliser, that is safe for the environment and the planet. Nothing works like Neem for your garden and our natural neem seed oil is ORGANIC.

Can you imagine a substance that acts as a fertiliser, enhances vibrant growth, is fabulous for the environment and our planet, yet very unattractive to all leaf-eating insects?  That's Neem for you.  It is completely safe around your pets, humans and all those lovely beneficial creatures such as birds, butterflies, bees, earthworms and ladybirds.  Use on vergetables, fruit and nut trees, outdoor and indoor plants, roses and orchids and your lawns.  An absolute dream products for home gardeners.

There is a nice story that demonstrates how grasshoppers react to neem seed oil.  it goes something like this: Someone did an experiment - it involved two jars, two leaves and two grasshoppers. One leaf was sprayed with a chemical and one with neem seed oil. The two grasshoppers were put in the two jars, with one leaf each. The first grasshopper ate the leaf with the chemical and died almost instantly. The grasshopper with the leaf covered in neem seed oil did not touch the leaf and lived - at least for a few days, Eventually it starved to death.

What would you prefer? a poisonous half eaten lettuce, or an organic, untouched lettuce?  It's a no brainer isn't it?