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NeemCare Neem Leaf Extract Spray 250ml

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Cruelty Free
No Animal Ingredients
No Deet
Pure Organic Neem Leaf Extract
Use this spray before and after exposure to irritating elements such as wind and sun and to reduce irritation resulting from insect bites. NeemCare Neem Leaf Extract Spray can soothe the effects of irritated skin no matter what the cause, whether too much heat, allergies, or insect bites.
Formulated for those who appreciate the wonders of nature and who want to deal with life's little irritations naturally.
Suggested Use
Shake well before using. Use to reduce irritation resulting from insect bites or soothe skin from effects of sun or wind. Also recommended for sunburned skin.

Our Neem Leaf Extract is professionally made from pure powdered neem leaf. 

The leaves are gently harvested & dried naturally before being inspected for quality control purposes, crushed into powder & then made into the extract (or tincture) which takes many weeks to produce. This tinture is then made into a very convenient, easy to use personal spray.

Neem Leaves have been used in traditional Ayurveda medicine in India for centuries where Neem is held in high regard as it helps protect and make your skin supple and smooth.

Do not use near eye area.