Hand-made with love on the Sunshine coast, Queensland, our neem-based natural soaps, shampoos, powders and sprays are a luxurious, natural way to take care of your pets' skin and coat.

We believe that your pet is as important to you as your children and you want only the best for them.

We know that your pet is part of the family and we understand that you want to take care of your pet to the best of your ability using products that make them feel good and look good. 

We also understand that you want your pet to be the healthiest version it can possibly be.

Pets are really no different to humans.  What you put on their skin gets absorbed into their body too.  So lets offer them the best there is.  

Individually hand-made with love our neem-based petcare range is liberally mixed with glorious essential oils to create products that truly nurture from the outside in.

There is a product to suit your much-loved pet and will help with all skin conditions and skin diseases.

Discover the power of neem, mixed with glorious essential oils, today.