Headlice are a constant worry and seemingly impossible battle until now. Our Neemnit range has made all the difference.  Nits do not like Neem.  Neem is well known for its properties of confusing the hormones of sucking insects (such as nits) so they virtually forget to feed and  breed.  No feeding or breeding is exactly what you want.  Fantastic isnt it!  Live nits, larvae and eggs are affected. Our NeemNit products are so easy to use - wash with the soap and condition as normal routine and use everyday spray as a barrier.  It doesn't matter what stage the nits are in and it certainly doesn't matter whether the other kids at school have nits.  NeemNit will take care of it. NO mess, no smell, no oily residue to get rid of, no irritation and no nasty chemicals.  NICE TO KIDS - NOT NICE TO NITS!