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An e-book on natural dog care. Simple answers to a seemingly complicated issue and one that is amongst the highest level of concern with dog carers.  This e-book gives you simple solutions to your dog's skin irritations, inflammation, allergies and infestations (from fleas, lice and mites as well as Qld itch)! Does your dog have really itch skin, is inflamed or has hot-spots?  Does your dog seem to be allergic to everything? Have you tried everything and even the vet has said 'he's just one of those dogs that will always suffer from itchy skin and feet? This doesn't have to be. Stop your dog's itch now. This e-book book will literally save you thousands of dollars visiting the vet.  No more cortisone, skin scrapings, ongoing medications and suffering dogs. As a Homoeopath and Animal Homoepath, for years I have been helping dogs with itchy skin and allergies and it all boils down to simply a good diet and removing toxins....along with the help of Neem (Azadirachta indica). No need to delay any longer - help is at hand for all skin allergies including mange, hot spots and that constant licking of paws, with a quick download of my new e-book. Yes I wrote it after years of answering the same questions and knowing how frustrating and often incredibly sad it was to see another dog suffering from some horrible skin condition. There are simple answers - and this ebook spells them out simply and clearly. Discover the powerful effects that Neem has on all types of skin conditions. Learn which homoeopathic first-aid remedies to use in emergencies, which Bach flower Essence formulas calm dogs behaving badly along with recommended diets for puppies and adult dogs. Finally you can break the vet’s cycle and help your dog easily and cheaply……and definitely no chemicals required! Written by a Homoeopath and Animal Homoeopath, Beverly Barkway gives you the benefit of her years of experience and a common sense approach that guarantees Happy Dogs – naturally. Listen to my interview with Annie Gaffney


radio.jpg ABC Coast FM's Annie Gaffney spoke with Beverly about her new book about dealing with itchy, scratchy dogs and how to take care of them naturally.

Review by Annie Grossman (Annie's Books On Peregian)

This book starts with a wonderful quote by Mahatma Ghandi:  “A nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals”.  I must say that I totally agree with his statement, and with this in mind, I can recommend Beverly Barkway’s new book, which gives easy solutions to everyday pet problems such as fleas and ticks, without bombarding our best friends with nasty chemicals.  Beverly tackles many different health issues with simple, non-toxic ways to deal with them,  gives excellent information on diet and nutrition, as well as homoeopathic remedies and natural medicines.   She also discusses social and emotional issues – fears, anger etc. with real advice on how to stop these behaviours and help to give your furry friends comfort and contentment.  Beverly is a Classical Homoeopath, Animal Homoeopath, and is the owner/operator of two all-natural pet product companies, based here on the Sunshine Coast. The book is simple to read, and will be a valuable reference to keep on the bookshelf, helping you to give your best friend the best life possible.

Annie Grossman
"Annie's Books On Peregian"

Good Organic Gardening Magazine  #3.6

We don’t want chemicals on our food or in our gardens and we certainly don’t want them on our precious pets if we can avoid them. So what to do about fleas, rashes, mange and other skin conditions? And how about vaccinations? The answers to all this and more are contained in this small but information-packed book along with invaluable advice on subjects such as nutrition for dogs of all ages; doggy behaviour problems, including aggression; homeopathics, Bach flower essences and neem as eff ective natural medicine for pets; emotional wellbeing in animals; and all the things that can harm your best friend. Don’t just rely on your vet — take responsibility for your canine companion’s wellbeing.