“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
 Mahatma Ghandi

Welcome to Neempet Pty Ltd. Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Coolum Beach. Neempet Pty Ltd has been hand-making gorgeous, natural neem-based petcare products for over 10 years. We may look like a multi-national company from the outside, but we are small, family owned, Australian boutique business, trying to make a BIG difference in the petcare industry.

There's no multi-billion dollar hype, no multi-national corporation in fact, we are completely the opposite and so very proud of this!

Everything we make we make with love. We have invested our time, our hearts and our souls into this. We truly love what we do and it shows in our products.

We have blended our years of experience and expertise into a range of products that have been made solely to help you take care of your pet using natural ingredients of neem oil, pure essential oils and a hand-crafted product range. 

We know there are many animals out there that simply cannot tolerate chemicals on their skin and we gladly offer neem-based solutions that will not aggravate any existing condition and will gently encourage healthy skin and a vibrant, lustrous coat.

The establishment of Neempet Pty Ltd has been a labour of love but initially born out of desperation when I arrived in Queensland and it soon became apparent my very sensitive skin was allergic to the Queensland 'midge'.  Anyone who has severe reactions to the midge and mozzie bites, will understand the 'absolute intensity of the burn and itch' which can end up with you literally wanting to tear your skin off. I tried everything to ease the pain and torment - to no avail until I discovered the ancient powers of Neem (in India commonly called the Village Pharmacy).  The reaction was instant, the result nothing short of miraculous. I became a very grateful convert.

With Neem running through my veins - we embarked on creating and formulating a range of neem-based products that gently coax the wellbeing of pets.

We purposely do not 'test' our products on animals - if we can't put it on to our own skin, then we surely won't be encouraging you to put it on to your much-loved pet. 

As a qualified Homoeopath, Animal Homoeopath and Flower Essence Consultant, I am very passionate about 'vibrational medicines that work on the body as a whole'. To all us animal lovers it is very obvious that our pets can exhibit many negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, jealousy, depression to name just a few.

With this in mind I created a range of Bach Flower Essence combinations that assists in very obvious emotions, such as grief when they lose their 'parent' or their 'best furry friend' or an overly anxious state when change is occurring around them.

My signature range of Naturapetics, Bach Flower Essence combinations are hand-made and hand-succussed to order and specially formulated to promote balance for pets that have fear of thunder, high anxiety, excessive barking and much more. Every remedy is made individually and imbued with 'human, energy and not that of a cold, unfeeling machine. They are truly prepared with love.

We are thrilled to offer you our range that supports the health and well-being of your much loved pet.


Leigh & Beverly Barkway, Adv.Dip.Hom; Dip.Anim.Hom

Co-founders of Neempet Pty Ltd & Naturapetics


If you wish to become a stockist of our neem-based products for pets,

please call us on 07 5471 6063.