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No Chemicals Required

Common-sense approach to your dog's skin allergies, infestations and fears.

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"Our mission is to promote the health of your pets and your garden by offering you high quality, neem-based products. Our promise is great products, great service"

Naturapetics all natural pet & garden supplies are manufactured  under our Neempet & NeemGreen, banners.  

Co-Founded by a Homoeopath and Horticulturist, NEEMPET PTY LTD (a division of Naturapetics) are leading Australian manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of all-natural topical, neem-based petcare shampoos, powders and sprays and organic garden supplies.

Using the ancient secrets of Neem (Azadirachta indica) our carefully and uniquely formulated products, provide a wide range of fantastic natural petcare products and organic garden fertilisers that do not present any hazard to the environment or our planet! 

Neempet Pty Ltd is an all Australian family-owned business, we are based in Coolum Beach, Queensland and was co-founded by a Homoeopath and a Horticulturist. Being aware of nature and the impact chemicals has been having on our pets and our earth is our business.

Our signature range is the Naturapetics homoeopathic Bach Flower Essences. All are unique formulations especially created to assist with your pets fears and phobias such as fear of thunder, high anxiety, excessive barking, separation anxiety.  Pets have emotions too! Each remedy is individually made and hand-succussed in the true homoeopathic manner - there are no machines at play here! 

We have been established now for over 10 years, and strive to provide excellent service and exceptionally high quality products. 

We are readily available and happy for you to phone our office 07 5471 6063 if you wish to discuss the products you require. Our turnaround time is usually within 24 hours for all orders placed online and we have a resident Homoeopath and Horticulturist to assist with any questions you may have. Our specialty is skin so if your pet suffers with skin conditions or diseases please call our office and speak to our resident Homoeopath for a free consultation.